An Open Letter to America

This says so well what I need to say. The stress of the election sent me to the hospital where I am now, not because I am a whiner or weakling, but because I suffer from MS. Stress is a killer. The brain decides to attack itself and it’s not something that you can turn on or off. I worry about medical care for those who need. No one can say what will happen now but with no real checks and balances available with all three branches in the same hands, the prognosis is not good.

I have always been a patriot to the US and won’t run away now. I served in the US Army, overcame discrimination because I’m a woman, taught in the public schools, transitioned to Private schools for two years to learn first hand the differences in expectations and transitioned back into public school teaching. Yeah, and I but US made trade goods, cars, etc.

MS stole my career. It stole all of our savings, leaving me with no pension. I paid into Social Security and Medicare and don’t regret that expense. I never thought I would need to use it. We live on my husband’s salary and disability. I gave up $55,000 dollars a year in 2004 for $16,000 dollars a year. Like all people on Medicare, I pay for that insurance. There is a quick fix that will keep that system operational, and I hope it is realized. If we all contributed taxes to it up to $200,000 dollars a year, it would be flush and able to help all of us.

I believe in inclusion because we do live in the same areas, have the same families, and are dealing with similar situations.

I believe in freedom of religion and speech. I don’t believe in hate speech. I don’t believe seditious speech should be allowed.

I believe in respect and am disappointed that our current president who doesn’t have so much as a speeding ticket isn’t accorded the respect of the office. I believe your skin color means less than you think as our DNA is showing with the ability to see racial tendencies from different places in the world.

I believe that knowledge is a good thing, and if you are willing to accept that your values may be different and good for you, but not for others, we’ll all get along better. I believe in Science and that we are just at the beginning of understanding illnesses, nutrition, development of human behaviors, and so much more.

I don’t believe that religion belongs in our government. Many of the loudest supporters of religion in government have not studied the US Constitution or have taken Civics. You can worship as you believe, but please don’t try to enforce it elsewhere. We’re great being a people of diversity, even if a climate of fear has been created by certain parties.

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