I work in my garden, alone,
But for bees that communicate
Satisfaction with my efforts.

The neighbors whisper and watch,
Looking for an error, a stagger,
Never once caring for more than gossip.

I live alone in a house of people,
Never noticed, never seen,
The dust is my intimate friend.

I watch the sunset from my window,
Its golden light illuminating my
Loneliness, I wish and dream.

I had a friend once,
He as golden as the sun.
He left like all the others, without a storm.

He was beautiful, rich,
Filled with ideas to make the world better.
As my world collapsed in tears, he left.

Gold sunshine will return at sunset,
Not always there, but returning
To give me a kiss of hope.

The neighbors will talk, and
I will freeze Like a rabbit before the fox.
Let them talk, I am deaf to them now.

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