The Alone

I work in my garden, alone,
But for bees that communicate 
Satisfaction with my efforts. 

The neighbors whisper and watch, 
Looking for an error, a stagger, 
Never once caring for more than gossip. 

I live alone in a house of people, 
Never noticed, never seen, 
The dust is my intimate friend. 

I watch the sunset from my window, 
Its golden light illuminating my 
Loneliness, I wish and dream. 

I had a friend once, 
He as golden as the sun. 
He left like all the others, without a storm. 

He was beautiful, rich, 
Filled with ideas to make the world better. 
As my world collapsed in tears, he left. 

Gold sunshine will return at sunset, 
Not always there, but returning 
To give me a kiss of hope. 

The neighbors will talk, and 
I will freeze Like a rabbit before the fox. 
Let them talk, I am deaf to them now.

discover-badge-circle (February 2nd, 2016)

225 thoughts on “The Alone

  1. I believe I have a few questions about your poem.

    Who was it in the garden?

    Is it the same person living in the house alone, yet full of people?

    Why is your loneliness illuminated?

    What you wish and dream for?

    There was no storm? Yet there was a departure?

    What sunshine can give a kiss of hope?

    Can we see the kiss of hope better in our troubles and fear?

    I have some guesses about what you’re talking about. But I’m always curious as to what the author is talking about as they write. Somehow it looks like this poem is vaguely about you. But there is a transcendent quality that is alluded to.


    1. Good questions.
      I took care of an old gentleman who lived in our neighborhood. His family had abandoned him, leaving him without emotional support. He wanted a friend. I saw him tackling problems in his yard daily. The neighbors talked about him, but none acted. One day he was hitchhiking and I picked him up. Eventually he came to live with me, and we saw each other as good people with good hearts. I was lonely too, at the time. We needed each other. He was a sarcastic old curmudgeon with a heart of gold but who didn’t want anyone to know. I was newly diagnosed with MS and had lost most of my friends because it is hard to watch someone fall apart when they had had so much energy. My husband was supportive in that he realized we both were isolated too much. Friendship and understanding are the kiss of sunshine. There is always a drop of truth around which I write. It allows me to see into perspectives, to feel them and then to translate them to poetry. Many people are invisible in society today. We talk the talk. I wanted to give a window into what it feels like to be alone in a world of many.


      1. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me. I find your ability to communicate so well a blessing. And to know the life story with the poem makes it even richer for me. Loneliness is a chronic problem even self inflicted at times. I am glad you are able to leave a record of your experience for others to wrestle with and contemplate. Keep up the sharing it is changeling. Thank you for the kind reply. Denny


  2. So glad to have you follow my blog. Welcome. L-Ove your poem “the Alone”. Human connection is so vital, isn’t it? I am looking forward to following your future posts.


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