The Fear

As all of us who believe that every life matters and that LGBT lives, Black lives, and native lives have been undervalued by the conservative party. Women are undervalued. Those of us with auto immune diseases are considered disposable, lazy, unworthy. We fought for this country, served this country, taught the children of this country and tried to give hope as a right instead of an accident. I’m broken, but I’m with you all here in a dark night.

PJ Secluded

Corners redoI woke the next morning. The sun just appearing on the horizon. A roseate of water colors beginning to melt over the sky. The cars of my neighbors, quiet and unmoved, like stone. A thicker frost upon them unlike days prior. I noticed in a few moments the stillness, eerie, there was a quiescent appeal to the air around myself and the lengths of my neighborhood. I began to feel a clean, but not the tidy type of clean but one that sticks to the skin after a shower on a humid day. It was irritating and no matter how I tried to ignore the feeling or wipe away its thoughts upon me, it returned, and returned in an icy stare that refused to look away.


Nothing had changed. I was more aware of my morning than I had been for quite some time, but nothing was different. In…

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