10 thoughts on “I can’t do this anymore.

  1. I can’t believe how much hatred there is in America today, it’s obvious there is because a lying cheating tax evading scumbag who never pays his debts looks set to win the Big Job, POTUS Trump will destroy not only America but also the West


  2. Your are not alone in your need to be free of this blight that obviously can be fought off. Now we know what the Europeans and the Jews felt like when Hitler came to power. Love you Ann.


    1. I lost not only my belief in the majority of man, I lost my left side of the equation to a stress induced MS attack last night. I grieve now for those who will lose their healthcare, will face again the stigma of inequality and loss of economic and physical security. I despair for my daughter.

      I hope your husband will not lose what you know he must gain.


      1. Then I will sit with you on the floor. This is devastating. I just wrote a post to tell Trump supporters to stop following me. I’m done with that crap. And I’m sitting here with you.

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      1. Oh I am sorry to hear that. But I hope you are much better now. Your country despite everything, is a nice addictive one so there is always hope! But keep well and don’t be pulled down too much.


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