Writing Prompt: Voluble


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Oh, there were sassy ladies,
Rolling and hip swaying
In voluble conversations each
One stepping and braiding
the words of each other.
Independent and political, boldly
careening while dancing lightly around
The naysayers who stood in shocked conversation.
Stern proper women wearing white
and stiff collars approved by their husbands.
They frowned down on them,
These rotund and happy women
Who were tapping and rapping,
Skipping and hopping in intricate circles.
Drum banging, round singing, fluting tunes,
Playing. Shouting joyous news over baskets
Of biscuits, of blossoms, of brightly
Colored laundry, of fresh bread and
School books, holding hands like children,
Vividly recalling their sweet loving
Mothers who had danced as they toiled
With hip swaying chatter filled
With love everlasting as they twisted
The language of families belonging
Around Maypoles and harvest, children,
And Husbands slowly leaving in abeyance
Those pursed lipped disapprovers
As the long walk home followed fence and field.


The Leibster Award

The Liebster Award
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Imagine my surprise this morning/late night, when I was cleaning out my spam folder which wordpress so kindly fills for me, to see myself nominated for the Leibster Award. Writtrace.wordpress.com  has been one of the writers that I enjoy on a daily basis. Her writing intrigues me. So, I’m very happy to let her know that I accept her nomination. I’d also like to thank all of the new people and the old people who come and read what I write. Thanks so much.

WritTrace left me 11 questions to answer.
If you could give one power to every human being, what would it be?

The power to be kind.

According to you, which five countries should everyone visit?

Oh, so many places. Costa de Maya Mexico, Prague Czech Republic, Budapest Hungary, All cities in Germany, London England but there are so many more. Tokyo Japan, Vietnam, Barcelona Spain. I love travel and think it is the best way to open your eyes and heart to new people and traditions. I’d love to go to South Africa too.

What is your favourite animal?

Shiba Inus, the smallest breed from Japan and one of their National Treasures

Which period in history would you love to live in?

Here and now

What is your favourite story of all time?

Anne of Green Gables

Who is your role model and why?

My mother, Dr. LEBJohnson is my role model. She was the perfect mother for a small child, nurturing the four of us with attention and love. She let me be independent and make mistakes, but was willing to help me if I needed help. She pursued an education when I had entered high school, earning her BS, MS, and PhD in six years total. She supported my father after a series of strokes and did it with love. She ran Marathons starting in her late fifties and only giving up when the doc wouldn’t give her a warranty on her hip replacements if she went back to running. She’s still working and volunteering at age 80 1/2. She’s a great photographer. She’s a supporter of LGBT, women’s rights, civic responsibility. I can never reach her level, but I know I won’t give up. THat’s the most important thing she taught me, never giving up.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Things I read influence me a lot. Things in photographs, things overheard in public transportation that make your mind twist. I also belong to a Writing to be Published Class. They inspire me to give things my highest level of attention. They also keep me honest about editing. I haven’t posted any excerpts yet, but I will in the future.

What is the craziest thing you hope to do in future?

I want to publish a book that is well received by the public. I have two in the works and a poetry book sitting on the side of my mental percolator. Then I want to drive from Virginia US all the way to the bottom of Argentina taking photos and writing all the way.

What do you hope to accomplish in life?

I’ve been a musician, soldier, banker, mother, teacher and day care provider. I’ve worked sales. But all of these jobs have infused me with a desire to leave the world a better place than I found it by being kind and loving. So now, to keep the brain going and the enthusiasm full charge, I am writing 5 to ten hours a day. I want to take any extra proceeds after I pay off my debt load and buy up student loan and medical bills and forgive them so others can have a second chance.

What is your favourite quote?

If a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind, what is a clean desk the sign of. Einstein

How would you change the world for the better?

I would buy up bills that have been sold for a minimum price and forgive the debt so that young families who are overwhelmed, students who have to move home so they can pay off the horrid debt, and medical bills from those suffering from medical bills that are causing them to lose everything. I’d send a lovely card, with a paid in full/keep for your future records. I’d sign it, “From one human to another”

I’m supposed to nominate up to eleven other bloggers that I admire:



Springstart@life : Kamakhya@thenewleaf2016



Elan Mudrow@skillreader






If you choose to accept the award…
Thank the blogger who nominated you
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And here are the 11 questions for my nominees!

1.What is your favorite thing to create?
2.What do you want people to learn about you?
3.Who is your favorite author?
4.If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?
5.How does visual art impact your writing?
6.Do you ever try new styles of creativity?
7.Have you ever met a person who impacted you in a positive way the first moment you met them? Who?
8.What animal would you be if you could be anything?
9.Where have you traveled in life?
10.What is your favorite way to waste time?
11.If you had do overs, what would you change about your past?


I’m Happy

I caught a glance of myself from the corner of my eye this morning and had to stop and look. I looked…happy. Not the usual answer to people who look at me and say, “Are you happy?” but an unbidden, unjudged slightly smiled unthinking happy. It took me by surprise. I was in full thought about the book I’m writing and had put the dogs out for a break. Surely, that was an optimistic moment. I was writing and working through new thoughts, trying to put them in words that weren’t too redundant. And I had been thinking that I had missed Renkian’s birthday two days ago, summer was coming, shh, don’t wake the daddy, dogs. It was all in a rush, just as I typed it, but I was happy.

My trees behind the house are still filling in and suburbia has disappeared. The flowers in front are blooming with no assistance on my part. The kitchen is clean. I should have expected the happy feeling. There are enough trials I’ve gone through and difficult times that I smiled though, but that isn’t the type of thing that brings my inner happy out. It’s simplicity.

When I was small I would sing to the fairies who lived in the rose bushes. I would dance for my springer spaniel and enjoy the tea I served her. I took naps with the puppies she had so they would not be lonely. I followed my mother wanting to move with her mysterious knowledge of what was important in her life. I would pretend to be asleep so my dad would carry me in from the car, jealous that I wasn’t younger still. I would look at snowflakes for hours through the window and be the great SNOWMONSTER in my blue snowsuit and red boots. I knew the names of all of the ladybugs that swarmed in my yard searching for aphids for dinner. I found the inside of boxes most fascinating and would sit in them for hours just looking at things.

People say they don’t understand women. I’m so simple though. If a thought bends toward the color of the sky, rose, rainbow, I’m full of the happiness that small things bring. Bring me a cup of tea, happy. A dandelion, happy. Spring rain, happy. A book, happy. Let me make you something? Happy. I want to share things with the world. I want the world to understand that today, I’m kind, sweet, silly but most of all I’m happy.

Give me a moment to watch a ballgame and I’m so happy for the young men who play and try to keep that game focused on Baseball. They’re happy. I watch Rendon on TV hit the ball with a graceful swing, I’m happy. It’s not things in life that make life important. I believe it’s enjoying the moments of life. So, today I found myself happy as I hadn’t been in a long time. My reflection spoke in loud whispers. I can’t hide the fact that my nature will not dwell for long on the sad, worrisome or terrible. Somewhere that little voice will call from, just loud enough for me to hear, and I’ll see that little smile in the mirror again. I’m happy.