To Stand Against Growth

To stand against the growth of the United States, a people who immigrated here, to stand against the DAPA and DACA programs is to stand against what we were founded as. There is a lady in our NY harbor, The Lady of Liberty.  We are a nation of immigrants, even our Native American brothers and sisters immigrated to this continent and the continent below us. People come here in waves hunting, seeking a place to live, fleeing violence, starvation, a lack of voice, and the voice of these people is now a voice of sadness. Their flight to a better way of life is now hindered. What will taking the parents from a generation of children born here accomplish? What will having to place these children in a failing and overwhelming foster family and foster system accomplish? It will cost us all: money, bitterness, a lack of support in our countries basic services.

Immigrants arrive with their insights, their work ethic, and their hopes. They are not lazy people. Their hopes that they can avoid racism, that they can build, that they can solve problems and they can have enough money for food, housing, clothing, clean water, education and all the things that we as white americans, black americans, native americans and asian americans want. I am heartened that the fight for these people will continue, but I am disheartened that the government of the US has been neutered by the US Congress in the dispute. Our congress furthers the attack, on anyone not white, by not standing for civil rights and voting rights. Our Constitution guarantees us our civil rights.

The Supreme Court is hampered because the US House of Representatives refuses to seek the ninth justice to complete their panel. The Justice put forward by the Obama campaign is a moderate justice, a man known for his middle of the road decisions. Even if I as a liberal don’t like the middle of the road approach of governing that has been Obama’s tack for his whole career, a majority of decisions by legal minds that are sharp and clear is a major need and a decision is needed.

The House, well that is another matter, and one that I too shout shame at Paul Ryan. We are a people, all together, and citizens of this nation. Yet the bills that are produced don’t make it to a vote. There is an obvious racist, party driven, and hateful approach to their focus. The House majority states they will never work with liberals or the President elected by we the People of the United States. They don’t care that we were created to protect the LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS of all of the people. Their representatives state we were based as a country based on religion, something so pathetically untrue that most fifth graders respond with moans that their textbooks specifically contest. Washington, Mason, Madison, Adams, Jefferson were deists who let the knowledge that they had a right to their personal beliefs and so did everyone else.

Government and Religion do not speak with one voice. This was established in face of the wars and persecutions of Europe. Anti-Catholic persecutions, Catholic persecutions, Jewish persecutions, Islamic persecutions. On the face of the matter, a religious matter of extreme prejudice, but in reality a way of fighting for greed, for power and punishing anyone who spoke out against such things. Fighting against Islam with purges which upset the delicate bonding of the Book of Three, upsetting the lives of the poor and barely established middle class for what? Greed and intolerance.

We are supposed to have the right to free speech, but there is a fear that those who do will be subjected to persecution, blacklisting and more. I always think before writing, balancing the needs of the one versus the rights of myself. I try not to annoy others. Sadly, I am annoyed. I am horrified that once again we are seeing outbreaks of violence against blacks that haven’t been recognized as being that of the KKK but have the same hate and biases. I watch in horror matter of institutions which have become warped and turned against that for which we fought in World War 2, where is the sense that the lower and middle class have a right to thrive and improve their status in life. Where is the ability to have an education in the US? Only the rich have that right? Where are the views between illegal and appropriate?

I watch simple games on Facebook become filled with hate and bear bating. Yes, the art of bating those on the other side with hate that disturbs and removes the sense of serenity that we need to have at least in our recreation. I watch coaches instruct students to hurt the opposition instead of standing up for right. I see major sports newscasters speak out in favor of the victim of a violent attack on the field attacking and setting the other team straight by an attack of their own.

In a time when the victim is punished for standing up for themselves with the same harshness as an attacker, I have to say NO. In school systems where there is a No Tolerance program, the victim is punished over AND  over and over and teachers do not have the right to say, “You started it and I’m ending it.” No, they have been instructed to speak out, not to set things on a recess straight, and have to leave it up to an administrator who is then hampered by the restrictions published in the safety bulletins set by School Boards who have distanced themselves from what happens in a fight. Someone is hit and there is no adult around, hit again and their is no area to flee, if they raise a fist to defend themselves, the aggressor wins. You wonder where the frustration of those subjected to constant bullying is?

We are broken. We are hampered by bullies. We watch bullies in our government. We watch the intolerance of us by our governments.

I am white, about as much so as anyone can be. I am the daughter of ministers, blacksmiths, engineers, scientists, women and men, from many places so long ago that it doesn’t matter. I am the daughter of those who stood up for equal rights for all. I am the daughter of warriors who fought for our wars believing that the US had a vision of right and balance, who believed that the country would protect the rights of their own people. A lot of people have believed as I do, that the force of government has responsibility to govern wisely. We need to as a people look at what is happening and make wise decisions. We needed an educated public, a fed population, a middle class and lower class that are gainfully employed. We need to move toward a global economy. I heard when I was growing up, Need before Greed and have worked toward that my whole life.

We need to grow up and institute our Constitution.  We need to do it now.

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