Historic Times-We Stand with You for No Break/No Bill

Every generation has a truth they try to get others to understand. Recently we have in the overwhelming support for the LGBT community. I never thought to see  that day in my lifetime. I’m so glad I did. You see, I am a people person. I people watch. I listen, I smile and I will talk to anyone. I will listen for too much sadness and let the person know they aren’t alone. I’ll listen for happiness and rejoice with people. It scares my husband, but he doesn’t see that I am real about my love for people. I’m not frightened of anyone because I believe the best of people. I always have believed in people.

But I have never understood hatred toward someone who is different from me. Color, the number of people who hate President Obama just based on his race is astonishing to me. He was elected by a majority of Americans. A Harvard teacher, a political scholar, how could this man not be qualified to be our president. He likes people. He doesn’t tolerate stupid, but then he needs to be with the best and brightest charting a course for our people.

But something has risen its ugly head. Guns and death. Fear. I thought it would take Congress to figure it out, and it seems they have. How refreshing for the news to talk about a group of people trying to talk about the violence that once again targets our children, teens, young adults and those worshiping in the church of their choice. It has been color and sexuality, but also children and teachers. Old people and the middle aged. We need something done, because we should be able to do something.

I fear our government becoming inactive to the point Venezuela faces now. A lack of food bringing on a rash of assaults there, more hate and death from people who shouldn’t have the ability to get weapons here. More US citizens who are loyal patriotic people will die. Those weapons don’t just kill they have the ability to mutilate a victim. It’s not a hunting weapon. It’s not legal for hunting. It’s powerful, brutal, and fairly easy to manipulate. It was described as a rifle for hunting MAN. It doesn’t belong on the streets. I’m not a liver-lillyed female wimp. I’m a Vet-USArmy-guns don’t scare me. They are tools to be used, and not carelessly.

It is time we have to deal with this. Mr. Ryan spent the day trying to take back the Affordable Care Act with his program which would end up with me unable to keep my home because of his costs. He says that won’t happen but doesn’t have any information. I tried to call his office, no answer. I tweeted him, no reply. The Congressional operator went home at five o’clock so that was not a working option. I did call my two senators and my Representative, Gerry Connolly who understands mental illness better than most when his son snapped. They were on the floor. Ryan is supposed to bring back a bill of a financial rule that banks hate. Once he does that he can end the day’s recess once again obstructing the bills, there are two, by not even letting them vote on the bills. We know that kid in Florida was a messed up young man, a spousal abuser, had no legal ties to anyone but himself and we know that he had guns, even after he made threats and the FBI investigated him, marking him as a person of interest. Don’t lives matter? Young, old, straight, LGBT, black, white, asian, latino. What is the matter with these people? A universal background check? Someone on the watch list? You can appeal the decision in a court of law if you are not a threat to anyone.

We have a responsibility to our nation. Paul Ryan could be a hero by coming in and saying, “I thought about it. You are right. We require an i.d. to vote in some states, maybe a registration isn’t so bad. Heck, if someone stole my weapon, maybe I could get it back.”

Paul Ryan, you could have been my hero.  John Lewis is my hero. He says to a silent room that the time for silence to be over. Paul Ryan, you could have shown yourself a god fearing man, a Christian, but you didn’t. You let the democrats under the supervision of Lewis and Clarke, speak to the people who want a bill that they would vote for our mothers, fathers, little children, for us, give us a vote. I feel sorry for you. The Republicans could have elected you their presidential candidate over Trump. You let them down. You let me down. You let the American people down.

Representatives Lewis and Clarke, from both the North and South who believe like a tree that they can stand strong, but they won’t step down. They believe in Peace, for us.

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