Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Roofs


The covering of night, of safety,
Here a roof to hide the dark,
Here a roof to mitigate the rain,
Here a roof to believe in until belief
Is gone under a sham of nonsense,
Here a roof to hold our past,
Here a roof to lie beneath and dream
Of one last love…

Fort Young, an inn seeking life
Lie in paradise?
As a roof should be, protective in the rain
When a roof dies, communities remember who it sheltered. Bob Dylan sheltered here.

Photo Prompt: Sunset Gold

The photo that the prompt is written on can be found at the link below:

Thursday photo prompt – Anomaly #writephoto

At dusk, everything is golden. The sun stretches, reaches long fingers to the land. One last caress to her children, one last kiss. Out there in the distance, they normally turned their heads away, as children do. It’s all part of the cycle of growing up. She never resented that. Tonight, though, she heard a sound, a coo perhaps of happiness, and turning saw a reflection of her own love reflected back at her. This was special, something she would see after a storm in the middle of the day. Musical notes added to the coo, until at last all of the sun’s errant children sang to her glory. Smiling at the rainbow, she clucked her tongue and tucked them into bed. Her sister the moon would protect them tonight.

Photo Challenge: Transmogrify


In every building, there is a castle waiting to happen. The lucky one’s make it.

Budapest, In every building is a castle waiting to happen. 2015@annwjwhite, ann’s eyes

Vacation part 2

I have to go to pictures to tell you about vacation at this point. There was the parade for kids at 9:30 in the morning. Old people are sleeping in on a day at sea that early. But there sure were a lot of kids at heart at the parade.

Then there are the dolphins leaping in front of a ship, riding the waves.

The Wave

There was the Coast Guard Escort.

9/11/2016 On Guard

There was Tulum on the Atlantic Ocean with its white sand beaches and the restaurant that followed.

And French Key in Honduras:

Dunbar Falls and the Green Grotto in Jamaica:

There was Chichen Itza:

And Kohunlich

Where it rained and rained and rained….

There was the Promenade…on the ship:

And Galveston:

And ships and ports:

And Dreams and clouds: