Octopus-Inspired Designs

I want one of each of these. Octopus are creatures of such strength, moral fiber, and mystery that these would be fun to decorate with. I’m sure I can’t afford them, but what great ideas.


Did you know that October 8 was International Octopus Day? Oct. 8, get it? Personally, I think we should also celebrate the other cephalopods: squid, cuttlefish (especially LITTLE RED CUTTLEFISH), and nautiluses. From the mad geniuses at Bored Panda.

“Octopuses are exceptionally intelligent and creative creatures, and have been able to solve most of the puzzles and challenges that scientists put before them in laboratories. This, coupled with their unique and fearsome appearance, makes them the perfect inspiration for stories about terrors from the deep!”

#1 Octopus Chandelier

Octopus Chandelier

#2 Octopus Umbrella

Octopus Umbrella

 #3 Octopus Door Handle

Octopus Door Handle

#4 Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch

#5 Octopus Cup

Octopus Cup

#6 Octopus Hoodie

Octopus Hoodie

#7 Octopus Wood Iphone

Octopus Wood Iphone

#8 Octopus Ear Cuff

Octopus Ear Cuff

#9 Octopus Gate

Octopus Gate

#10 Octopus Table

Octopus Table

#11 Octopus Wine Glass

Octopus Wine Glass

#12 Octopus Duvet Cover And Pillow Cases

Octopus Duvet Cover And Pillow Cases

#13 Octopus Candelabra

Octopus Candelabra 

#14 Octopus Chair

Octopus Chair

#15 Octopus Hook

Octopus Hook

#16 Octopus Cellphone Holder

Octopus Cellphone Holder

#17 Octopus Collar Clip

Octopus Collar Clip


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