Still in the Hospital

Well, yes, here I sit pondering what to write and I want to write so much. Photography has been easier for me to do, writing harder. My heart monitor bangs against the touch plate of my MacBook Pro, causes the curser to jump all over the place making writing things most interesting.

Here’s the update:
*Been here since Wednesday, earliest possible escape will be tonight. The longer it keeps the doc from arriving to check on me, the longer it will be, adding days, months, weeks years…
*Starting to be given fewer steroids.
*Sugar levels are still really high.
*Still on stroke protocol, MS Exacerbation protocol, T2D protocol
*Still fatiguing, lassitude
*Physical Therapy is going well.
*Avoiding as much stress as possible and avoiding politics
*Family is being really supportive(including all of my extended non-blood related family and friends)
*Fever down, BP down, Oxygen levels up.

Loving the July 2017 summer movies coming up, especially Valerian, and the City of 1,000 Planets. My niece Julie looks like the heroine, strong, intelligent, beautiful and passionate. The link to the preview is

I love science fiction. The director is the gentleman who did The Fifth Element.

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