Music Lessons

Part of a series of exercises in the use of the Acrostic Poem.


He gave me my first baton.
Endured the fact I knew no theory,
Never lost his temper.
Rigorously teaching the passion of
Young composers with free tickets to see
Conducting Copland, Hanson, Ives.
Soothing nerves as we met our exam, conducting
Minnesota orchestras musicians while
Instilling lessons that gave straight spines and gentle hands.
Those he gave changed lives, the downs, the losses, the ups.
He gave joy, and I, his student remember 41 years later.

3 thoughts on “Music Lessons

    1. No, life brought me to many other places. Now I am a writer and poet, a photographer and an ambassador for which is a website for people with chronic, serious or fatal diseases. I had regretted developing MS, but I now have time to write. I still love music. I think that will always stay with me.


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