Photo Theme:Shine, Day 2

How many of us remember the shine that engaged us in childhood. It was this memory that returned to me fully when touring Winterthur Museum, Garden and Park. This is one of the DuPont family museums open to the public. At Christmastime, rooms of displays decorated the way the would have been decorated go on display, and what a display.

I remember that shine of childhood. I was practically always in my own world as a child, my vision was so poor. I had glasses by the time I was two and a half. My memories were of the shining lights, my mother’s dresses which shown like a magical wave of fabric. As I grew older, I would remove my glasses and magic would return and encircle me and encompass my heart and soul. For St. Lucia’s day, we stood at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a celebration of heritage, the snow shone, the music shone, the tradition we learned that day enhanced that sense of power and a faith in the tradition of the humanity expressed in that shine, for it was hope and love. That was a gift from my parents to me, my sister, my brothers.



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