A Beautiful Effort, Nationals Baseball

The season is now over for us, but the games were intensely participated in by both sides. The split series needed to be won, the series was the first in MLB history with two facing minority coaches and it was the longest game in MLB history. Dusty Baker is the manager of eternal options. He works so hard to come up with strategies. And we almost got there. We almost beat the Dodgers at our home, we just missed by one long shot. My husband said the whole season was a long shot. It wasn’t though, it was a concentrated effort, you know, one pursuit. I believe that the one pursuit kept the Nats performing through the good times and through the bad. We had injuries but not nearly as many as could have happened. The medical staff is incredible, after all, they did deal with soccer before they came here.

Max Scherzer threw a good game. He was hot. He was on fire. He was pulled at the beginning of the seventh in what would become the inning from hell. Sometimes the hardest games are the ones you care a lot about. Peterson of the Dodgers hit a home run off Max for a tie score. He went back to his dugout absolutely hyped. It took six pitchers to finally sink 3 outs into the inning. One was walked, a one base hit, a home run and the Dodgers lead 4-1. But we rallied and even with an out by Werth, we came back almost immediately to make the score 4-3.

There were two pretty clear bulks by one of the Dodger pitchers that left me a bit peeved, but if the ump doesn’t see it, it can’t be reviewed on video. And Werth did get waved home at an “awkward moment.” Other than that…

Jansen pitched starting in the 7th and in the 9th he was relieved by Kershaw in an incredible celebration of the spirit of the game. Jansen had left him with two runners on base. So he faced Murphy who had a popup to our unending sorrow. Then Difo made a concerted effort but like the mighty Casey, he struck out.

So, congratulations to the Nats and Dodgers for a game well fought.

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