Coffee and Baristas

Barista, oh thou who
Serves the ambrosia of the gods,
Bring me that potion,
That heavenly anointment
Of caffeine and coffee beans
Steeped and encouraged
To bring the life to my world.
Bring me coffee, barista.
Bring me the strength to
Face the day with guile,
Awareness, and compassion.
Coffee, oh the beverage
of the millions, handed to me
By the expertise of one
Who knows that morning
Has arrived.

7 thoughts on “Coffee and Baristas

  1. Ah, my friend. Good to see you survived your elections. Ours are coming up, and I’ll be at the polls early in November to celebrate my freedom of expression in a most patriotic way. I’m glad you like the poem. My husband sent me a text from his apple phone and the word barista kept popping into the conversation. I finally told him to spill some coffee on it to get rid of the problem. He didn’t of course. SO I thought I’d write a ditty about the word and the subject. I like the way this one floats as the coffee pot starts to circulate. Hugs from the disobedient home of rebels and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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