After Euphoria, Defeating TYRANNY

Tonight ties up the Democratic Convention. Speakers have speechified, banners have waved, some are disappointed, but many have unified where no unity was expected. Key names of Republican figures have wound their way before the Democrats. Bloomberg says he knows a con when he sees one. Bernie Saunders, once again a liberal independent, has linked his wagon to Hilary’s. Retired military admirals, generals, lawyers, all conservative, all standing before Hilary Clinton, and why? Because there is a greater danger before us, just a man, but a man who manipulates, uses, robs and abuses with no moral compass. A man with money, charisma, and the power to inspire evil to flourish in his name. His followers beat people into the ground. He urges them to do so. He denies that he has done so. He sets men of great power before us and tells us they are models to aspire to, but they are men who start wars, rape women, starve their country’s children, admonish that the truth is only what they say it is and destroys the world’s ecology.

He lies. This man lies. He urges people to buy his products, but even his myth of business is a lie. He steals from the poor, the widowed, the middle class, the independent business man, and he stands there saying he is a wonderful person.

He uses repetition to make his points, his sound points, so that he can literally brainwash those who feel left out and defrauded by society because others have things that they haven’t. This is a technique that is used to convince people of sound points. Hitler used this technique in the 1920s. He made sure that his followers inspired others out of fear. Russian leaders over the last century have done this. ISIS does this. Kim does this.

Is this who we are? Impolite, dishonest, afraid, violent, BULLIES, VICTIMS? Is this the generation who will go down in history as spineless, hating humanity?
Will we choose to divide, lose our identities, and lose our identities in search of something we cannot have?

I have trouble understanding that our government hasn’t filed charges against Trump for corrupt business practices. I don’t understand people who haven’t filed against Trump in civil court as a class action suit. No one person is a victim of his business policies, no, where there is one, there are many of you. Why has no one found these followers of his that are guilty of threatening to rape children of women who stand up to the man? How can we have him on film spouting his hate, his anti-semitism, his corruption, his joy at filing bankruptcy so he can make millions while the people who did the work lose their jobs, their businesses, their families and eventually their hope.

Trump must never reach the White House. He must never ever become the person who makes the decisions that our children and grandchildren will suffer under. He must never be allowed to set policies that return us to a world of racial, sexual,financial and classist abuse. The days of the KKK are over. The days of women not being whole educated people who work every day of their lives for nothing are over. The days of education being out of reach are over. It’s time for humans to act together from all of their different perspectives to make the world of the US a place where success is not beyond the reach of all of us.

Forget the euphoria, it’s time to act to make sure we have a world left.

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