It’s that TIME again.

It’s that time again, where if you are not actively angered that people in this country are being targeted by cops (professional police??),  because of their color, race, religion, sexual orientation than you are seriously confused. This is war, brought on good black citizens with permits and nice cars driving with daughters and mothers and aunts. They are being killed and when it gets to court, well, “it was a mixed race jury, what can anyone do?” So they die, people say “Oh, so sorry.” or “Surely they must have done something to antagonize the “Professional” law keepers?” All of the question marks are extended again and people scream racism and go home to dinner where they don’t turn their TVs on until their show, because it’s just too much. Yeah, I’m white. I’m angry. I’m so angry I’ve already started letter writing. My mother is so angry she’s sent money to the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center and sends it every month out of her pension because it is important. And nothing the two of us can do will stop these executions without the rest of our citizens acting. We started yelling in Ferguson, Alexandria, Prince Georges County, New York, Kentucky, Baltimore, DC, Alexandria, Florida, and many more places, and nothing changes. People just give it a week or two and it starts all over.

Oh dear, I see a pattern here. I’ve taught patterns to kids. Kids see the patterns. I’m supposed to tell them that the police are the good guys and girls. Guess what. I can’t do that any more. It only takes one bad cop to kill the reputation of all the hard working ones. I know there are good cops, I celebrate them. I want to see them act against those who don’t follow our laws. But I can’t tell kids to trust someone who could very well killing them. I tell them, do what the cops say. Put your hands up. Don’t move until you’re told. I don’t want any children or men or women having to be told not to trust. But we can’t trust, not if this trait continues.

Want to know why black neighbors aren’t talking as much with their white neighbors? Read the news. Look at the video on the computers. What do they see? BENGAZHI. Four people died doing their jobs. More die overseas in Afghanistan all the time. People are bombing people because of religion, color, and guess what? It’s okay as long as it is overseas and not close.

It’s not okay, folks. We’re supposed to be one of the best countries in the world. But we don’t have safety, or happiness, or equal education, or the ability to earn a solid income. We don’t have people protecting our elders, or teens, or battered wives. We just keep encouraging people like, yes, I will say his name, TRUMP who encourages people to hate and fear and not trust and to be violent and never take responsibility. We are exposed to stupid nonsense, politicized nonsense, we’re told the world isn’t our fault, that someone else is responsible. Wrong. We celebrate ignorance and think it’s funny.

It’s the people who don’t respond, oh, they might care, but they don’t do anything to change the world. My hat goes out to the black population who take to the streets. My hat goes out to the others, like my son, who won’t put up with others being hurt. My heart goes out to anyone with a phone who records these things and keeps the pressure up on a Republican congress that wants someone else to be in charge. Our neighbor’s lives are being ruined. WHY?

Just help do something, and make sure no one forgets. I’ve used my big brush and labeled us all. I rarely if ever use this brush, but I’m angry and hurt. And saying sorry doesn’t fix things, neither does praying.

7 thoughts on “It’s that TIME again.

  1. Oh yes, I understand you well. It is the same here, in Austria, and my heart sinks sometimes over the fact that stupitiy – no laziness of thinking oneselself and – and the resistance to take responsibility for ones own life and also share this world with others who are just not exactly the way we are – takes over. And yes, I agree, that words alone don’t change things, it’s actions of every single person: we inspire each other – or could inspire, but we have to know what we are doing, but so many just don’t and history can repeat itself and yes, that makes me sad, angry … and then I read articles like yours and I know, even bad times will change again, but it is so sad, so very sad that so many good and innocent people have to pay such a high price for a handful few rich and a dumb mass – the mob – following them, But griefing won’t help too, so I get up every morning and think, times WILL change to the better eventually and I have to have faith and trust in people (and they ARE worth the faith and trust) and do the little things I can do to be an inspiratation for others just like people like you are for me … have a good night, and sweet dreams, and a great new day …

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  2. You know, praying does help. Before something manifests in the physical, it has already happened in the spiritual. And you have the power to nullify all works of evil, as whatever you bind in earth shall be bound in heaven.

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    1. The spiritual realm is so important. You are right that prayer helps in many situations. Prayer gives power to recovery from diseases. It gives an abstract that allows people to believe in good and pure. I know your faith is ever a strength to you and you are so blessed to have that faith. )

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  3. My thanks. The situation is becoming more and more complicated. I’ll keep writing my letters. And I’ve calmed down a bit. But I am going to advocate for change. We were promised this in the 60s when I was a child, I want to see the US grow up to be a responsible caring nation. We were at one time, at several times. We need to address that issue now so that these things don’t recur.
    Have a good day tomorrow and today. Hugs.


  4. I can’t believe in the 21st century our government is still violating federal treaties given to our First Nation peoples. I can’t believe the spray painted hate. I can’t believe the modern “know nothings” that inhabit our congress. I can’t believe that creating jobs is a “bad” thing, that welfare is used as a swear word. I can’t believe that a neo-Nazi and a traitor to the security of the US are appointed to a president’s security council.

    With all of the things I can’t believe right now, we’d be here for weeks as I typed them all up.


  5. And places like England, Denmark, Hungary and France are going through dark times as well. They turned their hearts elsewhere while people continue to flee seeking a new life. So sad.


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