Skin Deep

Fuck pretty,
You smile in the morning
As coffee is shared and the daily news perused.
Fuck pretty,
As in the lab you find
A cure to heal a child, to stop a disease.
Fuck pretty,
When the mind you have sets
The stage for dancers who envy food or chocolate
Fuck pretty,
When you are on the front lines,
When you save the life of your comrades
Fuck pretty,
When you win a Nobel prize,
When your economic strategy saves a world.
Fuck pretty,
When you leave your lipstick undone,
As you fly out the door, a doctor to a crisis.
Fuck pretty,
You are not your face in clayed on makeup
You are your soul, your compassion toward others
Fuck pretty,
You’re smart as hell,
You’re strong, beautiful, compassionate
And the world should know the word pretty
Is just window dressing of hormonic lust.
You’re a woman,
Proud, intelligent, problem solving,
Mind expanding, story telling, life living,
Fuck pretty,
You’re a human being
Of exceptional worth who refuses the bonds
Of a society that tends toward inward silence
And outward violence.
Fuck pretty.
You’re so much more.


Copywrite 2016 by Ann WJ White If you would like to share this post please give author the credit. Do not share without this.

10 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. I used the f word for the first time in my poetry. The article I read was so sorry and so depressed about looking pretty. She felt she had failed her whole life. She was angry, miserable and trying to transcend above the concept. She spelled it wrong on purpose but I felt her anger and decided that it was time to make a point. Thanks for reading. I know the word is taboo in polite society, but somethings deserve emphasis. I may never use the word again, and hope I don’t have to.


  2. Oh yes, hear hear!!!!!!!
    Every word felt
    A lost and broken me
    Needed this poem
    Every word touched my heart again
    Pain is crippling
    Pretty is gone
    But as you rightly say, Fuck that!
    Courage, fight, acceptance, worth lives on
    Thankyou Ann, I was meant to find this poem
    Warmest Regards from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

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