I was young and foolish once.
I was wise beyond my years.
Strong and powerful
A new mother
A fight to save my love
I was a prizefighter too.

Now I look back and smile,
I was powerful once,
I am alive now
Because of those memories.
Looking back, gives
Me pride, a surge of resilience,

And I can make it through


6 thoughts on “Why?

    1. Sometimes we forget to look at our entire window on life, leaving optimism for despair. But when time passes, we are all we were and we will be the reflection of that life. Thanks so much for reading about my journey.

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      1. aptly put .. the time when we look back ..trying to recollect things that our soul once connected to ..we tend to get a mixed feeling ..of nostalgia & helplessness of not being able to go back with time ! My ” tamarind tree ” post tried to depict a peculiar painful nostalgia when i visited the tree years after ! thank you .

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