Thinking Green

The world, a single landmine,
found in a solar system of beauty.
Ordered by nature to change,
the leaves fall, sprout, grow and dream
of what life would be like
if we danced with the rules of nature,
If we protected with our careful steps.
I saw a wave, long and sensual,
White caps spilling into sand
Loading lighthouses, lighting them.
If we tread carefully, perhaps,
just perhaps, someone will defuse our danger
and allow skipping to flourish.

5 thoughts on “Thinking Green

  1. This is beautiful, and that final line really moves me for some reason. To me it says…frivilous joy is ok… Of course, that may not at all be what you meant, but it cleverly brings lightness to a tough subject. Great work 🙂 Blessings, Harula x


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