The Homeowner’s Management Company

Smashing down a wall of indifference,
I dreamed of shouting,
angry and persistent as I fought
The organization that was to be my family.
My home, my yard, my neighborhood
Finding fault, faulting me
For two hours early on the destination
Of a trash can. I wave my pen,
Streak across the open places fully
In my birthday suit.
What have we done to deserve contempt?
The management company
describing themselves in the shrill icon
of a Cardinal and I take my fancy pen
to a murder of incompetents who
know neither the law or compassion.
I wake knowing that the meeting is
Wallowing in two hours as I grab a pen
And angrily exit the door of my home.

7 thoughts on “The Homeowner’s Management Company

  1. I feel pain from reading this, possibly due to the power of your words and it reminded me of my toxic relationship with my ex husband. I felt a trigger that engulfed me in the pain that had accumulated from being in such an abusive relationship for 14 years. Thank goodness I ended it there.

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    1. I did. I have a problem with bullies who don’t understand that people have feelings. It came together rather well. I think I’m not the only homeowner that comes up against the rules that someone made to protect a neighborhood but which destroys the neighborhood feeling.

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