Stormy Debate

Coals of fire upon their head, under their feet
 Candidates stand on stage
 Roaring with indignation and inspiration
 At the records naked, exposed.
"Listen to what I say."
"The streets are safer, sadder, humbler."
"Last resort, lies, destruction."
"We Pray. We are sorry they died."
But they all nod their heads,
Arm themselves. 
They shake their hands.
They all have words, long and short.
Piles of words, tons of words
Spewed out in fractious spite called
Pushed to speed of light responses
By moderators moving swiftly with hawks' wings
To criticize.
Fists, rage, frustration, and discretions,
Interrupted when an answer displeases
The news, the mighty commentators.
Nice isn't nice.
Pushing, shoving, biting, kicking,
Threatening all who speak. Cautioning.
Who listens, all the while?
In silences, the dread of what will come echoes.
If humanity can't be reached...

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